Complete Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services Offered Through Securities America Advisors, Inc.

Complete Financial Planning

Complete Financial Planning is a process designed to help investors reach their financial goals and protect and grow their investment portfolios while minimizing risk.

Complete Financial Planning encompasses asset allocation and design, retirement/income planning, tax planning (performed in conjunction with your tax advisor), education funding and gifting strategies, estate planning and asset protection (performed in conjunction with your legal advisor), and insurance needs analysis.

The steps to a Complete Financial Plan are:

  1. Define Where You Are
    • Locate all of your investment statements and tax records
    • Determine your Net Worth, Cash Flow, and overall Financial Position
  2. Define Where You Would Like to Be
    • Establish your Short, Intermediate, and Long Term Goals
      • Address short term liquidity needs
      • Address mid-range goals such as real estate and business purchases, education needs for children, and asset and personal protection strategies
      • Address long range goals such as retirement/distribution planning, estate planning, and legacy goals
  3. Determining the Best Possible Course to Achieve Your Goals
    • Your Financial Planning Recommendation provided by the Wealth Strategies Group will address the following areas as applicable:
      • Asset Allocation
      • Tax Minimization Strategies
      • Retirement/Income Planning
      • Educational Funding
      • Estate Planning
      • Insurance Analysis
      • Asset Protection
  4. Establishing and Implementing Your Complete Financial Plan
    • Your Wealth Strategies Group Advisor will help you to implement the agreed upon recommendations and will work with you and your legal and tax advisors to ensure an open dialogue and cooperative team approach to your entire financial situation
  5. Monitoring Your Complete Investment Plan
    • Your Wealth Strategies Group Advisor and team members will perform ongoing investment monitoring of your account and financial position
      • Includes regularly scheduled portfolio and financial planning reviews
      • Includes regularly scheduled “big picture” reviews with your tax and legal advisors to ensure open communication and advance notification of potential opportunities

It is important to remember that even the best laid plans must be periodically reviewed to make sure that steady progress is being made and all aspects of the financial plan are working efficiently.  The Wealth Strategies Group is with you every step of the way, providing timely advice and responsible guidance designed to help you reach your goals and live securely.